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While it is not unusual to find a golf professional who is an excellent golfer, it is unusual to find a teaching professional of Mark Polich's caliber.  Mark has the ability to communicate complicated concepts in a simple and concise manner.  He is encouraging, professional, kind, and deeply invested in the student's improvement.  This makes for a great experience working with Mark, but in the end, the proof is in the pudding.  In the 12 years I have been playing golf, I have only broken 80 a handful of times.  In the two months that I have worked with Mark, I have broken 80 three times.  Mark is magic!

Libby Knapp, Las Cruces, New Mexico

After 30 years of playing this great game of golf at a very high level, I decided it was time to give back. So over 20 years ago, I stunned my golfing friends by shifting my focus from competing in and winning golf tournaments to teaching others.  During this time I have had the incredible privilege of working with golfers, age 5 to 90, helping them achieve THEIR GOALS

And now, after being a full time swing coach for 22 years, it's time for the next chapter.  Instead of focusing solely on the golf swing in an indoor training facility, I will be focusing on helping golfers get better at playing the game on the course and getting the ball in the hole quicker (with fewer strokes).


As I look back on my own playing career of over 50 years, I must admit to never being the straightest driver, or the most accurate iron player (I’ve never had a hole-in-one!) or having the best short game.  What I was exceptionally good at was getting the ball in the hole sooner than the competition.  No matter where you are in your swing journey, you can improve your score on the course.  That will be our focus.


Students will work with me during PLAYING LESSONS (9 or 18 hole) where we will cover all aspects of your game. We’ll cover course strategy, club selection reality, understanding why you hit poor shots, improving your short game, putting strategy, and managing your emotions and attitude while playing. 


If this is something you feel could benefit you, reach out to me at for details. 


All playing lessons will be scheduled directly with me.  The website does not have an online scheduling option. 




Successful people make a habit of doing things that unsuccessful people don't want to do and aren't willing to do.  THAT'S IT!  

Albert M. Gray, 1940

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