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RULES:  Set up markers at 1 foot increments from the hole (I used pennies).  This straight putt at the Mark Polich Golf studio has space for 12 markers (longest putt is 12 feet).  Next, set up two balls at each marker.  You don't have to use this many balls, you can actually get by with only two balls for the game.  Hit both balls from the first marker (1 foot putt) and then move back to the next set of two balls and hit those two balls.


SCORING:  If you make both balls from a marker, you get 1 point.  If you make one and miss one, you get 0 points.  If you miss both putts, you lose a point.  You continue until your score is back to zero (game over) or in the case of this limited space version of Two Ball, until the balls have all been hit (game over).



Player:  Coach Mark Polich

Date:  January 14, 2014

Score: Total of 9 points after all balls hit.

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