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EDUFII is a mobile based social network for skills development.  It enables coaches and athletes to connect and collaborate more efficiently and effectively to help students learn faster.  Think of it as a personal Facebook page between you and your Coach.

Here is how it works.  The Coach can capture key moments from a training session that can be sent to the student.  This might include video, photos, or documents.  Using the FREE MOBILE APP, students can then access these documents anywhere, anytime.  In addition, students can capture a video of their swing, send it to their Coach via EDUFII and the Coach can review the swing (with drawing tools and voiceover) and send the analysis back to student.  It's all pretty easy and IT WORKS! 

The result is a real time actionable training journal.  It is like a combination of Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and video analysis, purposely built for skill development.  It saves Coaches and students time trying to manage media and messages across platforms (NO MORE EMAIL, TEXT, ETC).

Mark is Magic!  He even has the ability to teach when the student is away from his studio because of his progressive use of EDUFII.


I live several hours from Tucson, but with EDUFII, I upload a short video of my swing (a simple process for a devout luddite like me), and Mark quickly responds, giving feedback, modeling the change he is suggesting, and superimposing angle lines and circles so that I can clearly see what I am doing and what needs to happen.


Then, I use that video as a comparison with other attempts, enabling me to measure my progress and self-adjust.  If needed, I can always post another video clip for Mark's feedback.  This process ensures that I am making the changes he is suggesting and ultimately helps me to be more independent in my learning.


Not only did I improve faster because of this technology, but it also saved some financial expense.

Libby Knapp, Las Cruces, New Mexico

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