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OK, so maybe you are one of those golfers who performs just fine on the range but then falls apart on the course.  And then you find yourself trying to make par from the rough as shown in the picture above.  First, kudos on your ability to watch your shot and find the ball in this rough.  But the goal isn't to be a better "ball hound", it's to hit better shots and post lower scores on the course.

I came to the ranks of a professional golf instructor through playing high level competitive golf for many years.  My golf resume includes the following: shooting 31 for 9 holes at age 16, two years of Division 3 collegiate golf, multiple Club Championships at Hazeltine National Golf Club (site of the 1991 US Open, 2003 and 2009 PGA Championship, and most recently the 2016 Ryder Cup), low competitive round of 65 in the Arizona Mid Amateur Championship, first Alternate into the 1999 US Amateur Championship, and a USGA handicap index of +1.8 when I ended my competitive playing career in 2000.  


Now the point of this is not to brag about my accomplishments, but to help you understand that I know how to get the ball in the hole and I can help you do the same.  


At the end of an on course playing lesson with Coach Polich, you will begin to improve many aspects of your game such as: alignment, club selection, strategy, understanding your misses, actual carry yardages, hitting a variety of finesse shots around the green, how to escape from trouble, how to recover mentally after a bad shot or bad hole, and gain a better understanding of the real weaknesses in your game that are holding you back from improving.  

For pricing and availability of a 9 or 18 hole on course playing lesson, contact Mark Polich at

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